Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Almost there!

Well my care miraculously made it all the way back home without any big issues! It did actually stall as I was in the round-a-bout still in Rexburg! I almost had a heart attack! I said a quick prayer, put it in park, and started it up again and didn't have a problem at all after that! Because my mom started on a new medicine that made her abnormally sleepy, I didn't let her drive- I would have if I needed her, but I didn't! I drove the entire 22 hours by my self! We drove through some pretty intense thunderstorms in Wyoming- some torrential rain and crazy hail, the sky looked a little greenish. We kept hearing warnings on the radio to prepare for high damaging winds and quarter size hail, but there wasn't really any where to stop and I figured if I drove fast enough we'd get out of it soon enough, so that's what we did haha and it worked!

Since being home, I have unpacked and cleaned out my car, went swimming with Ally and the kids, babysat the kids for Ally, went to church, watched some cards baseball, cleaned my room, bought some new tennis shoes that are super cute btw, and have been working out with Jennnnnay! :) In the following week I plan on getting my bangs cut, laying out in the sun, buying a new shirt or outfit, spending time with family and friends, going to the Miranda Lambert concert with Elizabeth Lyons :) and just getting super anxious and excited for next Wednesday!

What is next Wednesday? Well I've only been talking about it forever... My best friend gets home from his two year mission for the LDS church in San Jose, California! We dated for almost 3 years when he left in 2010. Alot has happened in the last two years. We both have learned and changed so much. We have kept in touch through letters and emails, and I think we have grown even closer. I can't wait to see him again in just 7 days. I can't wait to see where life takes us in the next little bit! I'd like to thank my family, his family, and all of my amazing friends for their support these past two years. You guys have no idea how much it has meant to me. Some days I just wanted to give up, and you cheered me on. Some days I just wanted to eat ice cream and you did it with me. Some days I just wanted to cry, and you listened to me. Some days I just wanted to talk about him and our memories of him, and you talked with me and listened. You believed in me the whole time! You may not realize it, but you really made it easier for me!! Thank you so much- all of you, you are the best! :)

P.S. My title makes me wanna sing the song from Princess and the Frog! :D

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