Sunday, May 20, 2012


One more month! That's about all that's on my mind right now. The last few months have gone by sooooo slow! But in the next month, I will be finishing up the school year with my 4th graders, packing up my classroom, packing up my bedroom, driving to Idaho to set up my classroom up there with my mommy! And roadtripping it home with mom! :) Then it'll just be a couple weeks, so I'll probably go buy a new outfit, get my hair done, primp my self, spend time with my amazing family and his incredible family, and he'll be home before I know it!

I'm so excited for my mom to get here in a week and a half- I miss her so much! Can't wait to spend a while with just me and her! :)

What else is new....

Yesterday I went on a walk with my YSA stake from the Kaysville tabernacle to the Bountiful temple (13.9 miles). I walked it with some pretty awesome people from my ward, that made it a lot of fun! It was very hard, I got some blisters on my feet, and my legs are super sore now... but it was so worth it to see the temple at the end! The temple is such a beautiful place, a safe refuge from the crazy world around us!

Well tomorrow begins a new week of work- just 2 more left! This week is a field trip on Tuesday, and the Rendezvous on Thursday- so a busy and fun week ahead!

31 days! :) but today's just about over so we'll say 30

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