Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Married Life

Well I haven't blogged in like forever! As you can imagine- since Brent got home life has been literally non-stop! He got home June 20th. We went to Idaho June 26- July 5, with his mom and family for a family reunion. We spent alot of time together and after being apart for more than 2 years that trip was much needed. We had a blast and we learned even more about eachother. We talked a lot about our future together and marriage.

We got back home and the next day was my birthday! He took me to the Cardinals game to celebrate!
We took our engagement pictures on Monday- even though I still didn't have a ring. My amazing sister took the pics for us. The following weekend some pretty awesome people in my ward threw me a bridal shower. The night before- July 13, I went on a date with Brent. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner- one of my favorite places to eat. After our dinner date, we went to a park that overlooks the Missouri River. It's our official lightning bug viewing area. Here he said we were going to play glow in the dark pictionary. We would draw something random and have the other one guess. He kept drawing really silly weird things that I didn't quite understand- Like a picture of him and I, and him with a light bulb above his head. The silly pictures led up to the "Will You Marry Me." I was completely shocked. I knew he wanted to marry me- we had already begun planning it. But I had no idea that he already had the ring! So the next day, I went to my bridal shower and got to show off the ring and tell the story! :) It was perfect!

Just a few short weeks later, we got married! We were sealed for time and all eternity in the St. Louis, MO LDS temple! It was the most special moment of my life! I am so happy to be sealed to my best friend forever! Our reception was picture perfect. It was everything I imagined it would be and more. The following day we left for our Honeymoon to Destin, FL. We stayed on a resort on the bay, right across from the beach! It was amazing. Even the everyday thunderstorms they had! Every time the sun came out we headed to the beach! We went on a dolphin cruise our last night there- pretty crazy!
And on our way back we stopped and stayed in Nashville, TN and got to go the the temple there before coming home!

We were home for just a few short days. We spent as much time with family as we could. My niece, Alexa was baptized and she asked Brent to be the one to baptize her! We packed up our jeep and headed to our new apartment in Idaho. We were there with enough time to unpack some stuff and sleep, and then I started my new job- with new teacher orientation!

So far married life has been just perfect! I love him and I love our life! Sorry I haven't blogged in so long, but there's a quick recap of my very fast paced, crazy summer! I'll try to post some pictures soon!

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