Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Summer has come and gone! Is it really November?!

Well summer has come and gone. And just like that, it's almost winter! Gosh- I'm not ready for winter, and cold, and snow.... I do like the snow, but I like it more when it's December- not November. Oh well... that's what I get for living in Idaho.

Lot's of exciting things happened this summer. I left Brent for a week and went to Las Vegas, with one of my best friends- Brittanie. We stayed with her parents, and we explored the strip, and all that cool stuff. It was blazing hot while we were there, so we spent lots of time in the pool. While eating dinner one night, we decided it was too hot in Vegas, so the next day we packed our bags and went to California! First time I've ever been there, and it was so much fun!

When we got Rexburg, I did alot of sleeping in, swimming at rigby lake, frisbee at the park, bbqs, and more sleeping in. Fourth of July, we made a trip down to Lava, Idaho to tube down the river. It was way fun. We also got to see one of the coolest firework shows I've ever seen in a town called Driggs, Idaho- that overlooks the Teton Mountains. Complete withe a performance from the Beach Boys, and the firework show included Lee Greenwood live- singing "Proud to be an American."

We packed up our apartment in the middle of July- and put it all in a storage unit, and then drove home to St. Louis. The first week we were home, we announced to our familys that we are expecting our first baby- next April. Pretty exciting news! :) The rest of our month vacation went by way too fast. We went camping a few times at different lakes in MO. We went to a couple of Cardinal games, and we spent time with all of our many family members who fight over us while we are there.

When we came back to Idaho we moved into a new place- a house... well it's half of a house, but still a house. We have a back yard, and a carport. We love it. It's still 2 bedrooms, but it has alot more space than our apartment.

School started a week later. I have 14 kids this year- 2 moved away over the summer. It's great! My kids make up for it though- they are a noisy bunch. Not bad behaved but just very, very chatty. And sometimes I wander if their ears are functioning right, because I am always repeating myself. But they really are a fun group of kids.

I can't believe it's already November. Next week we find out if it's a boy or girl! And that's like all I can focus on right now! I'm so excited to know. Brent of course wants a boy... I will be happy either way- I just want to know, so I can start picking out cute clothes and things for the nursery! :)

I told my students last week on halloween, by showing them my costume- a skelaton, complete with the baby on my belly! It took them a little bit to catch on, but they are very excited, and they can't wait to find out the gender either!

Well that's about all that's new in our lives right now. We are very excited for Thanksgiving, which is coming pretty fast! :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer 2013

Apparenlty my life has been crazy busy since Christmas! Yep, that sounds about right! My first year of teaching is over. I can't believe it. It was great. I love the school I'm at, I love my students, I love the teachers I work with, and my principal was amazing... He retired though at the end of the school year, so it was very hard to say goodbye to him!

I feel like so much has happened since December, but I'll just share some recent happenings. My last week of school was hopefully a week my students will never forget! I enjoyed it so much and I know they did also. I called it Camp-Learned-A-Lot! I literally transformed my classroom into a campground! We set up tents, we made a paper campfire, we sang camp songs, we wrote in journals. It was so much fun. We even did some camp problem solving for math, and a science experiment called canoe school- we made tinfoil boats and tested them to see how many pennies they held while floating in water. Throw into that all the assemblies that come with the end of the school year, the pacer field trip for my kiddos that ran 50 miles throughout the school year at recess. It  was a blast! I hope it will be a memories for those amazing kids for the rest of their elementary life! I already miss my kids! haha But I am also very excited for next school year, and my class size of 16 students. I feel like I can get so much more one on one time with individual students.

Now on to summer break!!! The very first weekend of break, Brent and I headed down to Utah for a fun memorial day weekend with Brent's family. His dad and step mom came out to help his grandma move get new carpet in her apartment. We joined in on the fun, and got all her furniture out while they put new carpet in, and then moved it all back in. Then we hit the road and headed to Zion National Park. We stayed in Mt. Carmel, UT and saw a little bit of the park, and in the morning we headed to the Grand Canyon. It was definitley GRAND. Holy Cow. It was kind of weird to think how small we are in prospective of that huge beautiful place. Then we drove back to Zion and did the hike up the narrows. It was so much fun! It was a long drive, and a very short stay, but it was a ton of fun!

We got back to Rexburg on Memorial Day, and it wasn't quite summer break for me! I signed up to work on a committe with my grade level to adjust our math curriculum for the new national standards. So, a few more days of waking up early, and working till 3. Then, it was finally SUMMER BREAK. I have this sign hanging in my classroom (a gift from a student last year), that says The best 3 reasons to be a teacher... June, July, August. I'm  not sure that those are the best reasons, because I really love my job, but those are definitely a positive! I keep saying I'm gonna go work in my classroom but, there's just so much to do at home! But I really am gonna next week!

Oh and guess what?!?! We are going back to St. Louis in a month!!! I can't wait to see my family, and Brent's family!

Happy Summer!

Friday, December 7, 2012

I'll be Home for Christmas!!!

We did it! We bought our tickets to go home for Christmas! It seems like forever since I've been home! It's only been 4 months, but it seems like alot longer. Probably because when I was home I was planning a wedding, got married, and then was home for few days after our Honeymoon! And all that was on my mind really was my wedding plans, and starting my first year of teaching (and not having anything ready!). Anyways, I can not wait!! I miss my family so much- It'll be good to get some sister time, and see my nieces and nephews. And I kind of hope it snows a little and we have a White Christmas- even though it probably won't. I'm sure I'll come back to a winter wonderland here!

Brent is staying at home for a week longer than me! I have to come back to start work again by the 2nd of Jan. So I am flying back on New Years Day, and he doesn't come back until the 8th! I don't know what I'm going to do all by my lonesome!!! I guess I'll stay late at work and get ahead on planning!

I also can't believe the school year is almost half way over! Crazy. My first year has been so much fun so far! My kids are just adorable and so much fun to teach! They tell me the funniest things everyday and they love school so much! They really appreciate the things I teach them and things I do for them! They are very respectful and well behaved (most of the time). It's such a drastic change from my crazy class last year! I love it!

Lately I've been making a list of all the things I want to do different next year! I had no idea what I was doing at the beginning of the school year. I didn't really know how I wanted my class organized or how I wanted my schedule. I didn't know where to put things, and what supplies to get. I just kind of threw it together the best I could with the time I had. I've gone to other schools to observe other teachers, and I have seen how the teacher I work with, Rachel, does things! And there's just so much I want to change and do differently! So my kids this year are kind of my guinea pigs. They are great. Someone once told me that I shouldn't stress too much, because the kids don't know what you are supposed to be doing! And it's so true. They also forgive so easily when I forget to do something I say I was going to do, or when I make a mistake like not running off enough copies, or grade a paper wrong.

I'm super excited to see what the next few months brings. I can't wait to see my family in a couple weeks. The rest of the school year should be fun and this summer I have alot of work to do on my to-do list! While my husband and friends up here are doing finals, it makes me thankful that I am no longer in school, but trust me having a 'real life' job is a lot of work too! And waking up at  6:30 every day SUCKS!

Well off to plan our gingerbread house for our gingerbread house contest tonight! :) I'll try to be better at blogging, and maybe even post some pictures soon!!!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Married Life

Well I haven't blogged in like forever! As you can imagine- since Brent got home life has been literally non-stop! He got home June 20th. We went to Idaho June 26- July 5, with his mom and family for a family reunion. We spent alot of time together and after being apart for more than 2 years that trip was much needed. We had a blast and we learned even more about eachother. We talked a lot about our future together and marriage.

We got back home and the next day was my birthday! He took me to the Cardinals game to celebrate!
We took our engagement pictures on Monday- even though I still didn't have a ring. My amazing sister took the pics for us. The following weekend some pretty awesome people in my ward threw me a bridal shower. The night before- July 13, I went on a date with Brent. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner- one of my favorite places to eat. After our dinner date, we went to a park that overlooks the Missouri River. It's our official lightning bug viewing area. Here he said we were going to play glow in the dark pictionary. We would draw something random and have the other one guess. He kept drawing really silly weird things that I didn't quite understand- Like a picture of him and I, and him with a light bulb above his head. The silly pictures led up to the "Will You Marry Me." I was completely shocked. I knew he wanted to marry me- we had already begun planning it. But I had no idea that he already had the ring! So the next day, I went to my bridal shower and got to show off the ring and tell the story! :) It was perfect!

Just a few short weeks later, we got married! We were sealed for time and all eternity in the St. Louis, MO LDS temple! It was the most special moment of my life! I am so happy to be sealed to my best friend forever! Our reception was picture perfect. It was everything I imagined it would be and more. The following day we left for our Honeymoon to Destin, FL. We stayed on a resort on the bay, right across from the beach! It was amazing. Even the everyday thunderstorms they had! Every time the sun came out we headed to the beach! We went on a dolphin cruise our last night there- pretty crazy!
And on our way back we stopped and stayed in Nashville, TN and got to go the the temple there before coming home!

We were home for just a few short days. We spent as much time with family as we could. My niece, Alexa was baptized and she asked Brent to be the one to baptize her! We packed up our jeep and headed to our new apartment in Idaho. We were there with enough time to unpack some stuff and sleep, and then I started my new job- with new teacher orientation!

So far married life has been just perfect! I love him and I love our life! Sorry I haven't blogged in so long, but there's a quick recap of my very fast paced, crazy summer! I'll try to post some pictures soon!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Almost there!

Well my care miraculously made it all the way back home without any big issues! It did actually stall as I was in the round-a-bout still in Rexburg! I almost had a heart attack! I said a quick prayer, put it in park, and started it up again and didn't have a problem at all after that! Because my mom started on a new medicine that made her abnormally sleepy, I didn't let her drive- I would have if I needed her, but I didn't! I drove the entire 22 hours by my self! We drove through some pretty intense thunderstorms in Wyoming- some torrential rain and crazy hail, the sky looked a little greenish. We kept hearing warnings on the radio to prepare for high damaging winds and quarter size hail, but there wasn't really any where to stop and I figured if I drove fast enough we'd get out of it soon enough, so that's what we did haha and it worked!

Since being home, I have unpacked and cleaned out my car, went swimming with Ally and the kids, babysat the kids for Ally, went to church, watched some cards baseball, cleaned my room, bought some new tennis shoes that are super cute btw, and have been working out with Jennnnnay! :) In the following week I plan on getting my bangs cut, laying out in the sun, buying a new shirt or outfit, spending time with family and friends, going to the Miranda Lambert concert with Elizabeth Lyons :) and just getting super anxious and excited for next Wednesday!

What is next Wednesday? Well I've only been talking about it forever... My best friend gets home from his two year mission for the LDS church in San Jose, California! We dated for almost 3 years when he left in 2010. Alot has happened in the last two years. We both have learned and changed so much. We have kept in touch through letters and emails, and I think we have grown even closer. I can't wait to see him again in just 7 days. I can't wait to see where life takes us in the next little bit! I'd like to thank my family, his family, and all of my amazing friends for their support these past two years. You guys have no idea how much it has meant to me. Some days I just wanted to give up, and you cheered me on. Some days I just wanted to eat ice cream and you did it with me. Some days I just wanted to cry, and you listened to me. Some days I just wanted to talk about him and our memories of him, and you talked with me and listened. You believed in me the whole time! You may not realize it, but you really made it easier for me!! Thank you so much- all of you, you are the best! :)

P.S. My title makes me wanna sing the song from Princess and the Frog! :D

Sunday, May 20, 2012


One more month! That's about all that's on my mind right now. The last few months have gone by sooooo slow! But in the next month, I will be finishing up the school year with my 4th graders, packing up my classroom, packing up my bedroom, driving to Idaho to set up my classroom up there with my mommy! And roadtripping it home with mom! :) Then it'll just be a couple weeks, so I'll probably go buy a new outfit, get my hair done, primp my self, spend time with my amazing family and his incredible family, and he'll be home before I know it!

I'm so excited for my mom to get here in a week and a half- I miss her so much! Can't wait to spend a while with just me and her! :)

What else is new....

Yesterday I went on a walk with my YSA stake from the Kaysville tabernacle to the Bountiful temple (13.9 miles). I walked it with some pretty awesome people from my ward, that made it a lot of fun! It was very hard, I got some blisters on my feet, and my legs are super sore now... but it was so worth it to see the temple at the end! The temple is such a beautiful place, a safe refuge from the crazy world around us!

Well tomorrow begins a new week of work- just 2 more left! This week is a field trip on Tuesday, and the Rendezvous on Thursday- so a busy and fun week ahead!

31 days! :) but today's just about over so we'll say 30

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer can't come fast enough!

Nothing is really new in my life- just felt like writing! I'm anxiously awaiting the return of Elder Joyce, in 41 days. The end of the school year is a short 22 days away (only 16 school days).

My momma is coming in town in 2.5 weeks! She gets to be here for the last couple days of school, and then she's going to go up to Rexburg with me and help me get my classroom for next school year all set up and organized! :) So I'm looking forward to that! And then our roadtrip home will begin! I love roadtrips- as crazy as it seems, I'm excited for 24 hours in the car with my mom!!

Then just a couple more weeks until Brent will be back! Yay! A week after he gets home I'm going on another roadtrip with his family to Idaho for a family reunion- so that'll be fun! And in August we are moving to Rexburg so I can start my new job and he can start school at BYU-I.

A busy summer ahead- but it can't come fast enough! 3 more weeks of school! AHH!

 We are in the middle of end of level testing with our kids- so it's been a crazy week- but 3 tests down, 3 more to go! I haven't posted pictures in a while so here are a few! :)

Sorry- most of them are pretty old, but I haven't put any up since before Christmas!