Monday, March 12, 2012

100 days and counting...

Let the 100 day countdown begin!

In 100 days Elder Joyce will be home!!! It's so close but yet so far away! I promise I didn't start counting the days till like 2 weeks ago. You can judge me if you want, I just miss my best friend, and I'm getting anxious for him to be home!

Let's see... what else is new....? I love my job! Even though I have some crazy out of control kids, I love to teach. I love having my own classroom, and doing my own thing. I love my crazy kids, I love the look on their faces when they learn something and actually get it. Long division was torture, but it was worth it to see the light bulbs go off and to see their test scores from last week (most of them anyways). I love the people I work with, and how they are very willing to help me with anything as I learn the ropes. I really do love my job, and I can't wait to start teaching with the same class from the beginning of the school year!

The weather has been beautiful here in Utah. And one of my favorite holidays is coming up (St. Patty's day :).
But I think the good weather is supposed to end before then, sadly.

So the countown begins today, and tomorrow- it's double digits! :) Count down with me, and send Brent a letter!

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