Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red October

Being from Saint Louis, obviously I am a huge cardinals fan. I can't stand people that say they are cards fans but really don't watch any games or cheer them on until they are in post season. Bandwagon fans. They aren't fans till 'their team' is doing good. And I strongly dislike cubs fans.

October is RED in St. Louis this year. And although I am loving student teaching in Utah, I wish I could just go home for this week. I love St. Louis, and I love cardinal nation :)

Okay so now on to my life. I love life. It's been a rough 15 months, without the love of my life by my side. But right now, I am trying to just love where I'm at. I love my family, I love my friends, and I love teaching. I can't believe student teaching is already half way over. It's been so much fun. But I can't wait to actually get paid for teaching!

The beginning of September, I got to take my little sister, Jenny, up to BYU-Idaho. It was bitter sweet, taking her to start her first semester where I finished school just last semester. I got to hang out with some of my best friends, and move her into her new apartment.

Just last weekend, Jenny, and my old roommies, Katie, Danika, and Carol, and Brent's little bro Josh, came down and we all went to the BYU game. That was awesome! They scored with 11 seconds left to win the game. Saturday night we went to a corn maze, and had a blast! And on Sunday we got tickets to go to conference! I've never done that before! It was an amazing experience, anyone that didn't get to watch it, it was wonderful!

So that's my life right now! Trying to make the most of it, making memories, and missing my missionary!
So excited for this weeks NLCS! GO CARDINALS!

And here are some pics :)

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