Friday, August 19, 2011

Student Teaching Begins!!!

Nervous? check. Excited? check. Scared? check. Anxious? check. Bring it on!!! This week I got to meet my cooperating teacher (whom I love already!) , principal and other teachers at my school. I helped set up some things in the classroom, made copies, planned, and also went out to lunch with some of the teachers there. I found out that I will be in a 5th/6th grade split class. So it should be very interesting. My cooperating teacher is pregnant and due soon after I am done student teaching... so I may have a long term sub job already lined up! :) The kids start on Monday, and I really am excited to meet them, get to know them, and teach them new things!!!

I am all settled in in my new apartment in Syracuse, Utah. Thanks to my wonderful sister Ally! Ally got to ride with me out here, spend a week with me, and then fly back home to her kiddos. We first went to Rexburg to get my stuff from storage, spent a couple days there doing some fun things, and then moved it all to Utah. I showed her temple square, and we also went to the great salt lake and swam! or should I say floated?! it was a little gross, but so much fun!!!

Well she's back home now, and I am trying my best to make new friends here. I have lots of friends else where like salt lake, provo, orem, and rexburg... but those are all so far from me.

Tonight I went to dinner with some old roommies in Salt lake. Then went to visit some of Brent's awesome family!

Well we'll see what Monday has to offer! :) wish me luck!!!

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