Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Fever!

(sorry it's so long... I had to catch up)

St. Louis winter has been very... wintry. Need I say more. We have had a little bit of everything. LOTS of snow, some ice, some crazy thunderstorms, tornadoes and strong wind, and LOTS more snow and cold. So yeah... I'm just ready for spring. I definitely love snow but even I am over it.

I know I have not posted in a while, and not a whole lot of new things have happened. Kind of just the same old stuff. I mean it's been fun. I work at cold stone creamery, same place since senior year of high school. I got promoted to assistant manager, which basically meant more pay, more hours, and a lot more responsibility. It's been fun, but very exhausting and stressful at times. Other than work, I have spent a lot of time with my wonderful family and some close friends.

In January, we had celebrated my mom's birthday party by surprising her at her house for cake and ice  cream with the whole family. 

                                   (hmm.... this one reminds me of some of my crazy roommates haha)

       Also, that week, my mom's friend, who my sisters and I call Aunt Laine, came into town for a visit :)

For Valentines day in February I opened a very special package from my missionary Elder Joyce :)                                                 I think I have been smiling ever since!

                                Here are just a few pictures with the tons of snow that we got...

     In March, the weather was very bipolar, it warmed up but we still had a few more snow storms.

                                           We celebrated Aunt Glo's 60th Birthday party!
                                                               She's so beautiful!!!

                         We made her a guest/scrapbook for people to sign with their favorite memories of her!

Of course we celebrated St. Patty's day! Granny Jenny and I went to dogtown for the big parade.                  That weekend I babysat the boys all weekend. Lot's of work but tons of fun!
                                                  dragging granny to the parade route!

                                                     Granny in front of her old elementary school!
                                                                   Cute Cousins!

When the weather was nice we definitely enjoyed it! we had some bonfires, and we went to the butterfly    house!

Oh and I got my hair cut!!! 

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