Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a New Year!!!

Yeah... so I'm a little late at posting this but YAY! Happy New Year! I'm hoping 2011 will bring happiness and good memories for everyone. This year, I will be graduating from college! That's insane... seem's like just yesterday I started my freshman year. So it should be a good year... lots of stress and hard work but it will pay off in the end.

So Christmas was good. Didn't get a whole lot, but didn't need a whole lot. I did get to spend time with my family though and that made it really special. I also got to talk on skype with Elder Joyce! That was the highlight of my Christmas!

The day after Christmas we packed up the van and headed to Florida, with Aunt Glo, my sisters and niece Alexa. We drove to Jay, FL and stayed with My Aunt Jodi, and then the next day continued our journey, to Daytona Beach, with Aunt Jodi! We stayed right on the beach and it was gorgeous! Although, the first few days we were there it was COLD outside. But it warmed up before we left so I'm not complaining. We did a little shopping at the St. Augusting outlet mall, and we hung out on the beach alot... and in the hot tub cuz the ocean was a tad chilly.

For New Years Eve, courtesy of Mom and Larry (our christmas present), we spent the day at SEA WORLD in Orlando. It was amazing. Words can't describe how awesome the experience was. I took some pretty cool pictures though. At the end of the night they had a spectacular ice skating show and then a fireworks display. It was breath taking. We had a blast. And on the way back to Missouri, we made a video to display all the pictures we took on our trip.

Incase you don't want to watch the forever long video with all the pics, here are some of the best :)


First night in Daytona Beach, at Olive Garden!

Lexi accidentally broke the flusher off our hotel room toilet haha

hangin out on the beach!

Chasing the seagulls

Their stuff got washed up a little bit haha

Palm Tree outside the hotel room! :)

We all went to the movies but our movie got out a while before the other one... so we were a little bored... lol


the footprint picture :)

running out into the FREEZING water!!!

First Show we went to was AMAZING!

We sat in the soak zone!



A friend we made at the dolphin nursery! :)

Soaked once again, after the Shamu show!

Crazy, insane, fun roller coaster we rode!!!

Countdown to Midnight!!!

Happy New Year!

Lex was a little out of it haha

Sayin goodbye to the beach!

Dinner at Ryans on the way home... Jenny decided to make a face in her ice cream... How old is she? haha

Then her jacket zipper was stuck and I tried to help her.

The waitress asked how everything was and Lex said, "Good except she (pointing at Lauren) gave me too much ice cream and I'm lactose intolerant!" lol

Now it's back to life... back to work at Cold Stone... I'm not too excited about that but hey, it's a job which means money, and I desperately need money. Oh yeah and my Aunt has so kindly let me drive her Honda Accord for the past year, and I was driving it on 270 trasporting a car full of things from the Westport store to my store for work when the car completely died. No lights, no nothing... So that was a fun experience and now I don't have a car to drive! But granny has been kind with lending me hers when I need it.

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