Monday, December 20, 2010

Home for the Holidays!

So my cousin Lindsey, and a friend of mine Celeste, headed out of Rexburg, Idaho on Saturday morning at about 7 a.m. We also were bringing a girl Lindsey knows down to Ogden, so the car was COMPLETELY packed. I'm not sure exactly how we did it, but we made it work. Before we hit Pocatello, ID it started snowing, not too bad, but we did see two overtuned trucks on the side of the highway, that was pretty scary. Then we hit the Malad pass it it was snowing really hard with the highway snow packed. I was driving by now, and it was pretty scary. I took it slow though and we finally made it to Utah. We didn't head out of utah until about 2 or 3 in the afternoon though, with a nice long and needed lunch break to figure out our route home trying to avoid the snow. So we had pretty good road conditions until we got to Rock Springs, WY. We hit a complete white out, So that slowed us down alot, and we got outside of Rawlins, WY when we decided that we were all way too tired to continue driving in these conditions. So we stayed in a Best Western in Rawlins. Funny story actually, Lindsey and I went in to check in and the front man guy probably thought we were high or something. He gave me the form to fill out and I kept asking him questions about what to put where, when it shouldn't really have been hard to figure out. Then he showed us the map of the hotel and tried telling us where the room was but we were soooo tired and I just gave him this blank look and we started laughing hysterically. So we got to our room and before we went to bed, he called the room phone and said I just wanted to make sure everything was okay in your room. We thought it was really funny and surprisingly weren't embarrassed about it at all. Anyways.

We left there at 7:30 am, drove to Cheyenne, and then down to Denver and over on I-70 because the weather was supposed to be nicer down there Sunday. We finally rolled into St. Louis at about 2:30 a.m. So that was our trip and boy does it feel good to be home!

Today I went to lunch with Ally, the twins, and Granny. They are so fun.We first went to Steak and Shake but they were way too crowded and understaffed so we left and Charlie said very angrily, "I WANT DINNER!" So we went to Friday's for lunch.There, Charlie took a lick of my lime all on his own, made a disguisting face, put it down and wiped his face off with his napkin. Robbie is trying to learn colors but all he knows is red. I asked him what color several things were and he said red. So i pointed to the ketchup bottle and asked and he said, ketchup.

So here's to the start of my long 3 month break from school! It should be FUN!!! :)

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