Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Summer has come and gone! Is it really November?!

Well summer has come and gone. And just like that, it's almost winter! Gosh- I'm not ready for winter, and cold, and snow.... I do like the snow, but I like it more when it's December- not November. Oh well... that's what I get for living in Idaho.

Lot's of exciting things happened this summer. I left Brent for a week and went to Las Vegas, with one of my best friends- Brittanie. We stayed with her parents, and we explored the strip, and all that cool stuff. It was blazing hot while we were there, so we spent lots of time in the pool. While eating dinner one night, we decided it was too hot in Vegas, so the next day we packed our bags and went to California! First time I've ever been there, and it was so much fun!

When we got Rexburg, I did alot of sleeping in, swimming at rigby lake, frisbee at the park, bbqs, and more sleeping in. Fourth of July, we made a trip down to Lava, Idaho to tube down the river. It was way fun. We also got to see one of the coolest firework shows I've ever seen in a town called Driggs, Idaho- that overlooks the Teton Mountains. Complete withe a performance from the Beach Boys, and the firework show included Lee Greenwood live- singing "Proud to be an American."

We packed up our apartment in the middle of July- and put it all in a storage unit, and then drove home to St. Louis. The first week we were home, we announced to our familys that we are expecting our first baby- next April. Pretty exciting news! :) The rest of our month vacation went by way too fast. We went camping a few times at different lakes in MO. We went to a couple of Cardinal games, and we spent time with all of our many family members who fight over us while we are there.

When we came back to Idaho we moved into a new place- a house... well it's half of a house, but still a house. We have a back yard, and a carport. We love it. It's still 2 bedrooms, but it has alot more space than our apartment.

School started a week later. I have 14 kids this year- 2 moved away over the summer. It's great! My kids make up for it though- they are a noisy bunch. Not bad behaved but just very, very chatty. And sometimes I wander if their ears are functioning right, because I am always repeating myself. But they really are a fun group of kids.

I can't believe it's already November. Next week we find out if it's a boy or girl! And that's like all I can focus on right now! I'm so excited to know. Brent of course wants a boy... I will be happy either way- I just want to know, so I can start picking out cute clothes and things for the nursery! :)

I told my students last week on halloween, by showing them my costume- a skelaton, complete with the baby on my belly! It took them a little bit to catch on, but they are very excited, and they can't wait to find out the gender either!

Well that's about all that's new in our lives right now. We are very excited for Thanksgiving, which is coming pretty fast! :)

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