Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer 2013

Apparenlty my life has been crazy busy since Christmas! Yep, that sounds about right! My first year of teaching is over. I can't believe it. It was great. I love the school I'm at, I love my students, I love the teachers I work with, and my principal was amazing... He retired though at the end of the school year, so it was very hard to say goodbye to him!

I feel like so much has happened since December, but I'll just share some recent happenings. My last week of school was hopefully a week my students will never forget! I enjoyed it so much and I know they did also. I called it Camp-Learned-A-Lot! I literally transformed my classroom into a campground! We set up tents, we made a paper campfire, we sang camp songs, we wrote in journals. It was so much fun. We even did some camp problem solving for math, and a science experiment called canoe school- we made tinfoil boats and tested them to see how many pennies they held while floating in water. Throw into that all the assemblies that come with the end of the school year, the pacer field trip for my kiddos that ran 50 miles throughout the school year at recess. It  was a blast! I hope it will be a memories for those amazing kids for the rest of their elementary life! I already miss my kids! haha But I am also very excited for next school year, and my class size of 16 students. I feel like I can get so much more one on one time with individual students.

Now on to summer break!!! The very first weekend of break, Brent and I headed down to Utah for a fun memorial day weekend with Brent's family. His dad and step mom came out to help his grandma move get new carpet in her apartment. We joined in on the fun, and got all her furniture out while they put new carpet in, and then moved it all back in. Then we hit the road and headed to Zion National Park. We stayed in Mt. Carmel, UT and saw a little bit of the park, and in the morning we headed to the Grand Canyon. It was definitley GRAND. Holy Cow. It was kind of weird to think how small we are in prospective of that huge beautiful place. Then we drove back to Zion and did the hike up the narrows. It was so much fun! It was a long drive, and a very short stay, but it was a ton of fun!

We got back to Rexburg on Memorial Day, and it wasn't quite summer break for me! I signed up to work on a committe with my grade level to adjust our math curriculum for the new national standards. So, a few more days of waking up early, and working till 3. Then, it was finally SUMMER BREAK. I have this sign hanging in my classroom (a gift from a student last year), that says The best 3 reasons to be a teacher... June, July, August. I'm  not sure that those are the best reasons, because I really love my job, but those are definitely a positive! I keep saying I'm gonna go work in my classroom but, there's just so much to do at home! But I really am gonna next week!

Oh and guess what?!?! We are going back to St. Louis in a month!!! I can't wait to see my family, and Brent's family!

Happy Summer!

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