Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July and My Birthday!

The two best days of the year! :)

4th of July has always been my favorite holiday. It probably has something to do with the fact that it is two days before my birthday haha but it's just a great holiday. It's a day when we celebrate the freedom of our Nation. Without the men and women who have in the past and still are fighting today for that, we wouldn't have the freedom of religion which I am most grateful for, we wouldn't have the freedom of speech and many other things we have as citizens of the country we live in. I love celebrating that. I love the way people in America unite to celebrate that day! oh and I love fireworks! :)

This year for the 4th, I decided to go visit an old roommie who lives in Tacoma, Washington! I rented a car and drove up with some other roommies and celebrated the holiday in Washington! Roadtrips are the best! I would pick driving over flying any day, so it was a blast. We got there late Friday night, and We stayed in Chelsey's Mansion, that is on a gorgeous lake! 
yeah the apartment up in the top three windows! :)
What a life!
Saturday we drove across the bridge and got on a ferry to go to Seattle! I have been there before but Erin, another old roommate that came with to visit, had not. It was lots of fun! We went to Ivers, and fed the french fries to the seagulls! And we got ice cream cones, and then we went up to the Seattle Center, where the space needle is, and walked around. They have this pretty sweet fountain that we played in.

On Sunday, after church, we went to a beach called Chambers Creek! We walked in the water and found some crabs. Of course I did not pick any up haha, but Chelsey's dad picked a tiny one up and I held it, till it crawled out of my hand haha. We also found a pretty huge one and got Ryan to pick it up! It was pretty sweet!

Monday was the 4th of July! We went to Chelsey's wonderful parents house and decorated for the big party! Her family all came over and we played minute to win it games! So much fun! love her family! And her dear mother gave me a new bath/hand towel set with my monogram on it! :) That night we went to Steelacoom for the fireworks show, which was fantastic! Right on the Puget Sound! These cute little boys sitting by us would say after every firework, whoa, dat one look like a ____. After one they said, Whoa dat one look like spaghetti! It was pretty entertaining.

I am so glad I got to go to Washington to spend some time with friends who I haven't seen in a long time! It's funny how you don't see friends in a while but you get together and nothing at all has changed! It was a wonderful weekend packed full of fun with people I love! :) Thanks Chelsey, Ryan, Erin, Chels's family and everyone else who made the weekend fun! 

We drove back to Rexburg all day Tuesday, and Wednesday (today) was my 22nd birthday! :) Katie gave me some new sandals that are pink and adorable for my b-day, so I planned my outfit around that! And Danika gave me a birthday ribbon I had to wear to class haha. After class we went to DQ to get my b-day cake, and then we went to Rigby Lake! Where we spend most hot days as of lately! Some amazing friends of mine met us there with my b-day cake and we soaked up some sun on the lake! It was perfect weather and I was with some awesome people! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. The night ended with some humor from my silly FHE bro's that showed up with a very memorable gift haha. It was a great 22nd b-day and I'm so lucky to have my friends to make it that much more special! And I got a call from everyone in my family wishing me a happy birthday :) I am loving life right now, and I'm really gunna be sad to leave this place in a few short weeks! Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special, Love you all!

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