Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last semester in Rexburg!

Surprisingly I don't really want to leave Rexburg yet. I've been here for the past four years and as much as I miss my family while I'm here... I love it here. I love that I am surrounded by people that share the same beliefs as me. I love starting class with a prayer. I love all of my friends that are here and that I've met here that are no longer here. I love my ward here! Our Bishop that I've had for four semesters was released Sunday and I'll admit that I cried. I love the geography of this area... there is SO much to do outdoors... rivers, sand dunes, ice caves, mountains, waterfalls, camping, Yellowstone. It's just an awesome place! I think it's funny when people say, "You go to school in Idaho?!" Sounds kinda boring and at times it is but it doesn't take long to find something to do... especially if you are with the right kind of people! So that's what I'm going to miss about Rexburg... now a little description of my first half of my last semester here.

I started out thinking I was going to have no time to have fun this semester. I am taking Senior Practicum (very stressful and very time consuming), Assessments and Evaluation, Children's Lit (online), and New Testament. It's only fourteen credits... but fourteen imperative credits. I don't need the religion credits but I will graduate with under 120 credits if I don't take a 2 credit class. Crazy huh? I have no idea how I did that. Anyways... I have proved my first thought about the semester wrong! I am just sacrificing some sleep. We have nicknamed the semester the Sleepless Spring '11. I have early class every day, except Friday's now (just the second half), and I am usually up until 12-1am. Every now and then I have days that give me time to take naps and thats always nice, but most of the time I suck it up and do it again the next day.

Senior Practicum had been tough but I have learned SO much. And while I am still super nervous about student teaching, I feel like I am so much more prepared than I was starting out the semester and especially since freshman year. And I am excited about the new adventure I will have!

So far this semester here are some of my adventures:

 Road trip with Lindsay... we stopped in Little America, WY for 25 cent ice cream cones! :)
 Laser Tagging at the Craze with some great friends!
 1964 Tribute Concert!!!

Tye-died t-shirts for FHE!

I tripped and scrapped my knee... lets just say I have a pretty awesome scar!

Idaho Falls zoo with my second graders!


rock climbing!!!

Flag Football... we may suck, but we have fun! Our team name is the Grass Kickers :)

Our first game I got tripped and broke my healing scab open again!

white water rafting on Salmon River!

How our road trip to Utah started out memorial day weekend... In poki for two hours making sure Kacie's car would get us to Utah safely!

Hiking Adam's Canyon! The magnificent waterfall at the end of the hike! 


Mudding our way to the Ice caves!!!


And of Course Baseball Games! :)
Carol came up from Utah to visit us!!!

So here in Rexburg, Idaho we have fun! Sunday night we went to stadium singing. (Singing hymns under the stadium). After which we sat on the bleachers admiring the starts on the warm clear night. We randomly decided to drive out to the sand dunes just to start gaze! It was awesome! We ate some oreos, played the haha game and laughed like crazy! And we saw a few shooting stars! I just love Rexburg. I love my friends here! It's hard to believe this is my last semester here! I'm trying to live it up but also get good grades in all my classes! My roommates are under the impression that I will be up here every weekend while I'm student teaching in Salt Lake next semester, but I really don't think that will be possible as much as I want it to... Student teaching will be my priority! But I will have to visit whenever I get the opportunity to! :)